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10 Products That Breastfeeding Moms Swear By

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Breastfeeding sounds really easy … in theory. Just slap your baby on your boob, how hard could it be?! Well, turns out, really hard. Even when everything works exactly as it’s supposed to, it’s hard. It’s exhausting, sometimes painful, often times annoying. You get tired of waking up in the middle of the night REAL FAST. But, it can also be absolutely amazing. And it’s cheap! I say cheap and not free because you will very likely need some breastfeeding products to make it easier and more manageable. But still, exponentially cheaper than formula feeding (which sucks, since formula feeding is just as great and important, but that’s a topic for another day). If you’re just getting started in your breastfeeding journey, or are looking for some help, these products are the ones nursing mamas can’t live without.

1. Some breastfeeding products are nice-to-haves, while others are necessities, like a good breast pump.

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The Medela Pump in Style is a damn good breast pump, especially for working mamas! I used this one myself, and never had a complaint. Easy to take on the go, easy to use, great output. What more do you need in a pump?

2. So, one of the toughest parts about breastfeeding is the nipple abuse. There are a couple of things that can help, like these heating/cooling pads.

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These Lansinoh Therapearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pads are super versatile. Using them cold helps with engorgement and pain. Heat them up to relieve mastitis and help with let-down.

3. Another of the breastfeeding products you’ll want to have plenty of: nipple cream. Gotta take care of those nipples!

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Those cracked nipples are no joke, and can make nursing really painful. Help them heal with Motherlove Nipple Cream. It doesn’t even need to be washed off before the baby goes to town on your sore nips again.

4. You know what nursing boobs do? They leak. In the beginning, all the time, everywhere. You’re going to need some breast pads.

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Trust me when I say this: you need breast pads. I loved the resusable ones like these, because they kept me from soaking through my shirts, they were soft and soothing, and I didn’t need to keep buying them.

5. Once that supply gets going, you’re going to need some milk storage.

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Gotta build up that liquid gold freezer stash! These Lansinoh storage bags are great because you can pump directly into them with the pump adapter attachment. I mean, you can pour into them too, but it’ll only take one bottle of spilled milk to wreck your entire life and make you want to eliminate that dangerous middle step.

6. When you have a baby, you learn very quickly how to live without using your hands. Free up some hand time with a hands-free pumping bra.

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You’ll probably be pumping a lot, especially if you’re a working mama. This hands-free pumping bra lets you get that good stuff out without forcing you to sit there holding the dumb shield to your boob.

7. Some breastfeeding products will seem impossible to live without in the beginning, like a good nursing pillow.

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I know Boppy pillows get a lot of love, but I could not have lived without my My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow. It hooks around your body for added stability, the cover is soft, and the surface area is a lot bigger. Plus it has a handy pocket for your phone, remote, or snacks.

8. Sometimes, you might run into supply problems. There’s a supplement for that!

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Yes, you’ll hear about a million different ways to increase your supply. But if you’re pressed for time and can’t sit around pumping all day or can’t commit to a dietary change, Motherlove More Milk Plus works AMAZING. Maybe a little too amazing, to be honest. I had double the output within 24 hours after taking this supplement.

9. You don’t have to show your belly every time you whip out a boob to feed your baby with these versatile nursing tanks.

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I don’t believe in breastfeeding covers, but I can appreciate not wanting to show your postpartum belly in public! And no, I didn’t want to wear layers when it was a hundred degrees outside. These nursing tanks are versatile and let you feed your baby without showing your belly.

10. This is something I wish I’d known about when I was a breastfeeding mama! So much milk could have been saved.

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Like, WHAT A GENIUS PRODUCT. All that milk soaked into nursing pads, SOBSOBSOB. These pads fit on one boob while the other is in use, so when you let down or start to drip, you can catch all that liquid gold.

These breastfeeding products can help smooth the sometimes-bumpy nursing road, and believe me, your boobs will thank you for making the effort to make them feel better.

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